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Name:Jake Dobson
Jake Dobson appears to be a crotchety old man who's spent most of his life on the back of a horse. It seems his stables have never been very successful, and he hated selling them, but he had to; he couldn't afford to keep them anymore. Fortunately the buyer -- a big-city doctor with more money than sense, in Jake's opinion -- wanted him to stay on and manage the place, because he probably didn't know what he was going to do with himself once he sold it. Now he manages the [community profile] nexus_stables for Dr. Anders. Don't piss him off.

He's also acquired a sort-of adopted granddaughter, in the form of [personal profile] hiddenstrengths, a little girl named Nat who has no family, can speak to animals, and came to the stables at Anders' suggestion. Life's gotten good for an old coot.

If that's what he actually was.

((This is a fictional character, an OC for use in the [community profile] nexus_stables and maybe a few other places. The PB is Robert Redford in An Unfinished Life, which is fun and ironic given that Anders and Nat have PBs of Josh Lucas and Becca Gardner, who were also in that movie. But he's not Einar Gilkyson or anything... just (seemingly) another elderly cowboy with a crotchety temper. Although his mun will admit to being greatly inspired by that movie in planning him.

OOC Knowledge: Jake is the [community profile] nexus_stables. He is an avatar of the being that exists and controls the Stables, and is aware of everything that happens in them. Although he seems perfectly human to virtually everyone who meets him, the human form is only one of the many he can manifest, and is only a sort of "puppet" of the Stables' larger consciousness. A few may notice that his scent is a bit odd or that his "psychic signature" is off. But only an actual deity would be able to spot what he really is, since he's essentially a demigod on the level of the river-god Almo or one of those. Mostly he just wanders around being crotchety, anyway.))

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